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New Rules: Radamiz

We're all limitless and powerful beyond what we believe ourselves to be.

For this installment of New Rules, we’re taking it to Brooklyn and bringing you the new kid on the block – Radamiz. Born and raised in BK, Radamiz is definitely a cat that you want to watch out for. Although still relatively unknown, his underground following is steadily growing. This kid has raw talent, bringing back flows reminiscent of New York’s golden era of hip hop. He’s sure to become one of your favorite rappers. We sat down with him to get the skinny on his come up in the music game and also what advice he has for you aspiring emcees out there.

Radamiz SoHo Steps

Mass Appeal: How did you start off?

Radamiz: Because of where I’m from, I was always surrounded by hip hop; whether it was blasting at a summer cookout, or Hot 97 playing on every radio. I started writing my own work after buying a bootleg Jadakiss album and Biggie mixtape at the local Western Beef. I popped them into a radio I had at home in my room with a pen and notebook and now, here we are.

MA: How did you come up with your name?
Radamiz: My birth name is actually Radhames, the “h” is silent. I went through a few shit names before just settling on my real name, I think everyone does. [Laughs]

MA: In the beginning how were you able to make music videos and get studio time?

Radamiz: Damn, my first music video, “Parachute,” was shot with my brother Madwiz on a dusty old camera we had laying around. As time went by, I started investing in cleaner visuals and networking with people who could make it happen.
We couldn’t always get studio time. It started off getting jipped for studio money on Nostrand to recording on our laptops using Audacity, and so on. It’s tough starting out, you don’t always know where to go, but everything eventually comes together when people notice you’re serious about your shit.

MA: How did you book  your first few shows?

Radamiz: I started off performing my first shows in my high school’s lunchroom, to be honest. Those were like the stomping grounds, where I made the most of my fuck ups and really honed my craft and confidence. Little by little you start hitting up open mics and showcases, build your name up. All of that prepped me for shows like the Summer Jam Festival Stage last year.

MA: How were you able to get on your first tour?

Radamiz: None yet, just a lot of local shows, but by the end of this year.

MA: What kind of show’s do you give? How do you perform?

Radamiz: I love performing high energy shows and at the same time have some intimacy and conversation with my audience. I talk to my crowd, we’re feeding off each other to have the most fun. I usually wear slippers or loafers performing so my feet hurt like crazy after jumping around for 20 minutes, but yeah, all worth it.

Radamiz Black and White Portrait

MA: Do you have a clothing line or merchandise?

Radamiz: None yet, but the first design for upcoming merch is getting secured next week, so I’ll have that soon. That process works just as meticulous as everything else; the more attention to detail you are with everything, the better the end product will be.

MA: Are you signed to a record label?

Radamiz : Not signed at the moment, but I wouldn’t mind if the brand/deal made sense for both of us. I’ve been pump-faked some times in the past though. [Laughs]

MA: What do you want your fans or anyone in general to know about you?

Radamiz: That I believe we’re all limitless and powerful beyond what we believe ourselves to be sometimes. Music is my way of showing that power. I’d want them to understand I’m faithful, open to the world, and I’m here to make some dope ass music and kill some great ass shows. It’s going to be crazy looking back at all this.

MA: What do you feel, if anything, is holding you back from getting to where you want to be?

Radamiz: Not to sound too preachy, but God. There are many things I still have to learn, and am learning, before I get to where I envision myself. It’ll all come together how it’s supposed to as long as I remember I’m forever a student of the game and of life feel me?

MA: What advice would you give others who are trying to come up in the game?

Radamiz: I’m in no position to give advice about coming up yet, since I’m on the rise myself, but there is one thing I’ve noticed that works. If you really give a fuck about your craft, if you have good intentions and a purpose, and you put in the hours relentlessly to better yourself and those around you – don’t give up, ever. Every action has a reaction, and the doors will open when they’re supposed to.

Radamiz Leaning on Brick Wall

Peep his video for “Drunk Poetry” and if you’re feeling him be sure to check for him on Twitter, Facebook, and SoundCloud.

Radamiz new rules

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