New Oculus Rift Ships This Month

Should Xbox and PS4 be worried about this new product?

By now, most have heard the words Oculus Rift. And although it sounds like a new Star Wars villain, it’s actually the first major product in gaming to start the Virtual Reality revolution. Other than Facebook buying the company for $2 billion, there isn’t much speculation about the product because most don’t know what it can do, and/or what it means for the future of gaming.

For those that aren’t aware, the Oculus Rift headset lets players step inside their favorite games and virtual worlds. Custom technology provides users with 360° head tracking, allowing them to seamlessly look around the virtual world just as they would in real life. Every subtle movement of their head is tracked in real time, creating a natural and intuitive experience. The Oculus Rift creates a stereoscopic 3D view with excellent depth, scale, and parallax. Unlike 3D on a television or in a movie, this is achieved by presenting unique and parallel images for each eye, which is the same way eyes perceive images in the real world.

The Oculus Rift provides an approximate 100° field of view, stretching the virtual world beyond peripheral vision. The view of the game is no longer constrained to the size of a TV screen, and is only limited by what the eyes can see. The combination of the wide field of view with head-tracking and stereoscopic 3D creates an immersive virtual reality experience.

It may take a few years, but the Oculus Rift could enter the market as a strong competitor to Microsoft and Sony. This is good for gamers because developers will have to work even harder to compete, therefore making gaming better. So far, Oculus has received just over 45,000+ pre-orders for the DK2 (Developer Kit #2) priced at $350. However, only 10,000 headsets are expected to ship this month.

Honestly, once an X-rated title is available for The Rift, it’s GAME OVER for the competition.



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