Synthetic marijuana drug "Smacked"

New Hampshire Declares State of Emergency After 44 Overdose on Fake Weed

Don't get "Smacked."

Early May, we reported that in Texas more than 100 people overdosed on fake weed. Now, the epidemic has reached New Hampshire, which is declaring a state of emergency after 44 people overdosed on the synthetic marijuana product “Smacked.”

Smacked was originally sold in convenience stores as potpourri, but is now rapidly being removed from shelves. While Governor Maggie Hassan has called for officials to investigate stores all over New Hampshire and remove the product, most of the overdoses have occured in Manchester, the state’s largest city. She believes the assortment of Smacked flavors, and more specifically bubblegum, is a principle reason why young people have been attracted to the drug.

Since the overdoses, local officers have revoked business licenses from three stores upon finding the Smacked products on their shelves.

In 2012, New Hampshire became one of 41 states to ban certain compounds of synthetic marijuana, but the ban has only prompted drug makers to use different ingredients that deliver similar highs.

We hope people begin to realize the dangers behind this synthetic shit. Besides, we’ve never heard of anyone overdosing on natural maryjane.

[h/t The Cannabis]

Synthetic marijuana drug "Smacked"

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