The Amazing Spider-Man video game by Beenox / Sony / EA

Spider-Man Spins New Web of Amazement

We were re-introduced to New York's most famous Web Head at an exclusive preview of The Amazing Spider-Man on Xbox 360.

Fans of The Amazing Spider-Man are in for a treat this summer when the companion video game by BEENOX/Activision hits stores on all platforms a week after its theatrical release this June. Mass Appeal was invited to preview the game for 30 minutes on an Xbox 360 yesterday at the W Hotel in Times Square where we saw major improvements in costume, movement, environment and camera angles used to bring new life to the friendly neighborhood web slinger from Q-Boro.

Like the new movie’s interpretation of Spidey’s look, his costume is also upgraded with just as much detail. As you fight villains and play side missions, his outfit gets thrashed and shredded. Villains include Rhino, The Lizard and a host of petty crooks you help the cops corral. Control of Spidey looked fluid as you move him through realistic NYC streets, swinging on webs shot from his mechanical shooter. Uptown, Downtown, Times Square and Central Park are locations where you can glide through and fight. You can also take photographs using the built-in camera Spidey uses for Daily Bugle assignments. Additionally, a new Web Rush feature giving players real time navigational choices has been added. This feature, plus writer Seamus Kevin Fahey’s storyline, that takes place after the film raises the bar for the game.

BEENOX was mum about unlockable levels and easter eggs of the game (of course) but given that this is the 50th anniversary of the Marvel title, there’s bound to be tons of oohs and ahhs to dull the groans of its reboot.

Head to the gallery for images of the game. Watch the trailer below.

The Amazing Spider-Man video game by Beenox / Sony / EA

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