From The Borders Skate Video

Nature and Skateboarding Collide in “From The Borders”

Footage from the outskirts of town.

Growing up in the country (or even the suburbs) can make watching skate videos a little troublesome. While they’re inspiring, it’s hard not be a little envious of city dwellers with their incredible skate spots at seemingly every corner.

From The Borders, a collaboration between Thrasher and The Worble, is for the kids who didn’t grow up in San Francico or New York; the kids who had to progress using whatever shitty spots they could find. In the case of this video, that includes skating in woods!

Accompanied by some classic Bill Callahan and even more classic(al) Phillip Glass, Dave Mull crushes it with every trick at every awkward spot. Sometimes you just have to ollie over plants. From The Borders captures both the freedom and loneliness of skateboarding, as well as the boundless creativity that results from having limited skate spots.

From The Borders Skate Video

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