NASA Reveals New Warp Drive Starship

To Infinity and Beyond

Listen up all you space cadets, those Windows ’95 Star Trek warp drive screensaver dreams are about to come true. Well, maybe not. But NASA has just revealed the designs and up-to-date concept behind a potential warp speed ship. Yes, warp speed.

After beginning the design process in 2012, Nasa physicist Harold White has finally revealed the concept art he and his team created for the warp drive ship. Working with artist Mark Rademaker, White was able to create a more realistic version of the ship compared to the original designs of Matthew Jeffries, which date back to the 1960s.

harold white matthew jeffries warp speed ship design sixties

To update the design, White needed something a little more realistic that could handle warp speed, mathematically speaking. Linking up with Rademaker resulted in this design:

warp drive ship snapshot

Pretty boss. This ain’t your mom’s “Enterprise” for damn sure.

Hit the video player up top to see a video of NASA physicist Harold White discussing the ship’s initial and subsequent designs, its functionality, and what it means for the potential of space travel going forward.

We’re kind of wondering if the warp speed settings are gonna go from “ridiculous speed” to “ludicrous speed.”

[h/t io9]

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