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Nas Inspires a New Dallas Penn Video

Nas Inspires a New Dallas Penn Video


You should have probably expected that the Queens native Dallas Penn would have something to say about Nas’ new album, Life Is Good.

“Hip-Hop was always my barometer for what the good life should be. Sometimes that meant getting fresh and going to a party. Other times it meant gaining knowledge of self and going to college to gain knowledge of the world. Hip-Hop was info, style, communication, art, food, sex, everything. NaS new album reminds me that Hip-Hop can still be all of those things.”

Dallas makes it an audio visual experience in his response to “Nasty” through a video that shows perspective on the black renaissance in cinema. During the 1950s and ’60s, a good life for blacks had signs of improvement as they made progress in the film industry, even during the climate of discrimination in America. Dallas conveys that form of edutainment.

Nas Dallas Penn Video


A recording from Nas and Akinyele in 1991 gets released from the vaults. Listen to “Lunchroom Battles” below.

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    Instead of teaching the Dougie to people we should teach each other the ‘Nasty’.  Footwork was always the key to dancing anyhoo