Nas responds to J. Cole "I Let Nas Down" track

Nas responds to J. Cole – “Made Nas Proud”

Nas responds to J. Cole's "Let Nas Down" with a track of his own. Listen to it here.

Nas responds to J. Cole "I Let Nas Down" track

It’s well known that J. Cole’s sophomore album, Born Sinner, features a track entitled “Let Nas Down.” The lyrics of the song tell the story of how J. Cole first met Nas on tour, and Cole’s astonishment at hearing that the legendary MC was a fan of his work. J. Cole goes on to discuss his search for a radio-worthy single for his debut album, and the guilt he felt when he heard Nas’s reaction to his track “Work Out.” Cole enlightens the listener on the exchange between himself and No ID (the executive producer of Nas’s album Life Is Good):

“. . . Nas heard your single and he hate that shit. Said you the one, yo why you make that shit? I can’t believe I let Nas down. Damn, my heart sunk to my stomach, I can’t believe I let Nas down.”

Well, it looks like Nas has decided to respond to J. Cole’s track and tell his side of the story, using the same beat that J. Cole rapped over on “Let Nas Down.” Listen to Nas’s response below in the track entitled “Made Nas Proud,” and let us know what you think!

J. Cole "Let Nas Down" pose

Nas responds to J. Cole "I Let Nas Down" track

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  • this is hard

  • Traestar

    Serious business!!

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    Nas is an icon.

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    I’m speechless! Nas is just DOPE!

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    NAS IS THE EFFIN TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LEX

    This ia the most hopeful thing that has happened in rap in a long time.