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Nas Coachella Full Set ft. Jay Z & Diddy

Nas Coachella Full Set ft. Jay Z & Diddy

If this is your first time on the Internet, welcome. You probably haven’t heard that Nas has been on a major run the past few months promoting the 20th Anniversary of his album Illmatic, which will receive a special re-release this Tuesday, April 15, as Illmatic XX.

For those of you already up on game, then you’ll know that the most recent stop on God’s Son’s run was Coachella. The rumor had been circulating for quite some time that he’d be performing Illmatic front to back, but no one was truly ready for what he had in store.

About 10 minutes into his set, while performing “The World Is Yours,” Nas utters the famous line, “I’m out for dead presidents to represent me” as his DJ transitions into “Dead Presidents 2″ and out steps Jay Z. You can truly sense the shock and awe ripple through the crowd as the realize what a major moment they’re witnessing.

Check out the full set above to see what other tricks Nas’ had up his sleeve, including bringing Diddy out for “Hate Me Now.”

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