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Nas & Rick Ross and NYC’s “Accident Murderers”

The dark side of summer is rooted in violence. Nas and Rick Ross just scored it.

Nas Rick Ross Accident Murderers Def Jam

Nas and Rick Ross make heat. On their third collaboration “Accident Murderers” the two titans of Def Jam Records trump their previous work together: “Triple Beam Dreams” from Ross’ Rich Forever mixtape, and “The Usual Suspects” from Ross’ Deeper Than Rap LP. It’s captivated the Internet this week, mainly as it ramps up publicity for Nas’ album Life Is Good. We get it: it’s summer time, and these guys are scheduled to drop some of the hottest material of the year for you to enjoy at cookouts, or in your Bimer, Benz or Bentley. They’re speaking for the streets, but really, this time of year is when the streets speak the loudest with gun clapping.

This time three years ago, The New York Times published an article on the state of homicides in NYC. Many of those murders were far from accidental. The one thing they all had in common though, is that shootings and stabbings were at their peak in the summer. That article stated, “The summer spike in killings is just one of several findings unearthed in an analysis by The New York Times of multiyear homicide trends. The information — detailing homicides during the years 2003 to 2008 — was compiled mainly from open-records requests with the New York Police Department, and a searchable database of details on homicides in the city during those years is available online for readers to explore at”

That database is serious as cancer. The numbers have been down though compared to previous years—120 less homicides in 2011 than in 2010. It could be credited to the buy-back program where the city gives cash for guns dropped off anonymously by their “owners.” NY1‘s statistics show 7,000 guns have been turned in since 2008. The number of manslaughters by police are still a problem though. February’s shooting of a unarmed young man in the Bronx by Richard Haste is yet another case of blood shed by the boys in blue. The kid’s father has lost a son. He now faces the loss of his two other sons, both indicted this week for trying to buy a gun. The heat wave is just beginning. These are the most tense times in NYC. Hopefully cooler heads prevail when shit hits the fan.


Nas Life Is Good

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