44 Tons of Marijuana Seized

Narco Bodega: 44 Tons of Weed Seized in Mexican Tunnel

Move that dope.

The Mexican Army seized over 40 tons of pot this past Thursday, foiling a drug cartel’s latest attempt to move serious weight over the border. After spotting men transferring drugs between two trucks last week, Mexican authorities discovered the weed in a “narco bodega,” along with an incomplete tunnel extending over the border. The passage was already 400 yards long, and was set up with lighting, ventilation, and even a railcar system. This is the third tunnel system discovered in the past week, including another incomplete tunnel in Tijuana, and a completed passage found in a vacant strip mall in Arizona.

These tunnels show much more sophistication than common crudely-dug smuggler’s tunnels, according to Phoenix DEA special agent Douglas Coleman. The tunnel in Arizona cost an estimated $1.5 million to build, which leads authorities to suspect the Sinaloa cartel. “Another cartel wasn’t going to roll into that area and put down that kind of money in Sinaloa territory,” Coleman said. Over 150 secret tunnels have been found since 1990, and that number has been on the rise since 2008, showing that tunnels are becoming cartels’ number one method of smuggling drugs across the border.

44 Tons of Marijuana Seized

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