“Time Alone” With MURS

Heeeeeeyyyy, I'm Justin Bieber's black baby.

It’s about to get really real. On this episode of Jason Goldwatch’s “Time Alone” we’re joined by LA native Murs for some insightful, thought provoking; F*** it! You’re about to get your brain melted.

Murs touches on new collabs in the works (The Biebz), makes some suggestions of the coital kind, and let’s you know he’s not for Brad and Angelina having all the fun. Check out the episode up top, and make sure to put some headphones in; you may not want your boss, girlfriend, mom, dad, etc to hear some of the X-rated gems Murs is about to drop.

If you enjoyed Murs’ “Time Alone,” make sure to check out the rest of the episodes featuring the likes of Blake Anderson, Michael Rapaport, Bun B and more.

Murs Time Alone for Complex and Mass Appeal 2014 Interview directed by Jason Goldwatch

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