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Murs and Tabi Bonney are Besties: Episode One

Murs and Tabi Bonney are Besties: Episode One

Official West Coast Rap Murderer Murs and his rhyme slinging Murder Capitol compadre Tabi Bonney are often on the road, sharing their tall tales with folks who pay money to hear them speak it. But NEVER have their fans had the opportunity to peep what it’s like for the Odd Couple behind the scenes of real, day to day, every day life. If you like puppies, almond milk (soy is for men who want to grow breasts) and cars that are kinder to the environment, Besties is totally for you. And if you like Drake, there’s an extra special message for you. So watch watch watch away!

Yo, I didn’t know they had Von’s out in Arizona. Shoutout to Von’s, man.

Murs Tabi Bonney Rock the Bells Paid Dues

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