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Take a Trip Through the ’60s With Dennis Hopper

Take a Trip Through the ’60s With Dennis Hopper


You may know of, now deceased, actor and cultural icon Dennis Hopper for his contributions to Hollywood and the realm of film but you might not have known that he was a pretty wicked photographer as well.

In a new exhibition of over 400 photographs, hosted by London’s Royal Academy of Arts, folks can take a look into one of Hopper’s most creative periods. The photos in this exhibition were shot during the 1960’s, providing a look into a period of social awareness, social and political upheaval, innovation in the world of art, as well as major shifts in culture. Hopper took to his Nikon F to document these exciting times scooping portraits of Martin Luther King JR, Andy Warhol, Paul Newman, Roy Lichtenstein and many more.

Here’s what London’s Royal Academy had to say about the exhibit,

This was a decade of huge social and political change, and Hopper was at the eye of the storm. With his camera trained on the world around him he captured Hell’s Angels and hippies, the street life of Harlem, the Civil Rights movement and the urban landscapes of East and West coast America. He also shot some of the biggest stars of the time from the worlds of art, fashion and music, from Andy Warhol to Paul Newman.

Together, these images are a fascinating personal diary of one of the great countercultural figures of the period and a vivid portrait of 1960s America.

Hit the slider above to scroll through a selection of images from the exhibit, provided by London’s Royal Academy of Arts.

In the  video player up top you can also check out a quick preview of the exhibit from curator Petra Giloy-Hertz. “Dennis Hopper: The Lost Album” is currently up at the Royal Academy of Arts until October 19, info and location of the institution can be found here.