Mr. MFN eXquire “The Message 1 & 2″

Is eXquire season upon us? After dropping an El-P-produced song featuring Gucci Mane, a mixtape that has since vanished from the Web (Man In The High Castle) and video for his collaboration with Chi-town’s ShowYouSuck, Mr. MFN has finally released a polished, complete body of original music. His Power & Passion EP is available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon and Google today and as incentive for fans to buy it  eX released “The Message 1 & 2” last night. The song, produced by Seattle’s Blue Sky Black Death gives us the two sides of eX we love:  the visceral rough, rugged and raw rapper as well as eXquire, the introspective ‘hood intellectual. Oh and what about the EP’s cover art? eXquire breaks down its design for Vice:

The elephant in the middle—that represents the Ganesha, which is the Indian god. It clears obstacles out of your path. Basically, it’s supposed to represent me, and he’s writing rhymes on the cover because it represents what turned my life around, what changed my life, and what cleared all of my obstacles out of my path. The buildings—I got my own building drawn there—that building was like breaking apart. The pyramid being built symbolizes a new beginning for myself and just taking the things that I used to have and turning them into something new. Because I feel like that’s what I did. And L’Amour Supreme did it, my homeboy.

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