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Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire “I Ain’t Fuck Rihanna”

Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire “I Ain’t Fuck Rihanna”

This that Lime-a-rita music.

Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire drops the joint “I Ain’t Fuck Rihanna bka One For Lime-A-Rita Papi,” featuring some of the weirdest, yet intriguing Rihanna-inspired artwork for a track this year. The man who describes himself as “Michael Douglas in Falling Down” flexes on a beat reminiscent-worthy of Royal Flush’s Ghetto Millionaire album.

eXquire also takes the time to make a public service announcement to those that like to abbreviate his name, saying:

“Do not call me MFN on your blogs, and your tapes, and all that stupid shit. Do not call me that, I hate that.”

Check out eXquire’s track below.