EWOKONE Video Blog 87. Fear and Loathing in Brasil

Mr. EWOK’s Brazilian Adventures: Samba, Sun and Spray Paint

EWOK heads to Brazil and gets up with PHAME2DXXX in the latest episode of his video blog.

The legendary graffiti artist EWOK (whom you may remember from our Write Of Passage program and exhibition) continues his visual diary series with entry number 87 of his EWOKONE video blog.

EWOK takes to the streets of Brazil and brings viewers along for the ride. Check out some of the footage of him gettin’ up, interspersed with beautiful scenic shots of the country of Brazil. As an added bonus, folks get to peep Brazilian artist PHAME2DXXX hittin’ up a wall with EWOK.

Hit the player up top to check out the video, and be on the lookout for Part 2, coming soon.

Greg knows the power of the number 87, find him on Twitter at @MrLXXXVII

EWOKONE Video Blog 87. Fear and Loathing in Brasil

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