Bars Not Bricks: Mr. Edward Cocaine Arrested on Drug Charges

When your name is Mr. Cocaine, you're guilty until proven innocent.

Meet Edward Cocaine. Ill fated for sure when it comes to the name game. This Floridian recently went before a judge to get some info on his release and hilarity ensued. Upon seeing his name blow across his desk the judge caught a mean case of the “WTFs”. An inherited name, Cocaine notes it was chosen way back in the ’20s when his great grand-folks made their way over from the shores of Greece. When asked how many times cops have asked him to get out during traffic stops, Cocaine said…well you take a wild guess.

Check out the courtroom comedy in the clip above. Keep your noses clean out their kids, you never know where your name might get you….especially if you’re on a Xani Bar kick.

Edward Cocaine Bars Not Bricks 2014 Arrested for Xanax Possession

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