Mr. Bingo’s Hate Mail

Who doesn't want to receive a postcard of abusive profanity in the mail? No one it seems.

Anthrax, a court summons and hate mail . . . there are certain things you’d prefer not to receive in the mail . . . that is, unless you replied to Mr. Bingo’s drunken tweet. The London based illustrator offered to send one lucky fan a postcard of explicit abuse and within the first minute over 50 followers replied (I guess some people have a proclivity for masochism). During the past year, the artist has sent over 550 vintage postcards with unique slurs – from the demoralizing “you will never amount to anything” to the simple “fat handed c*nt” – accompanied by a Mr. Bingo original sketch. The London Studio, KK Outlet is currently showcasing 250 unseen messages in the Mr. Bingo Hate Mail exhibition until June 29th. Peeps on this side of the pond, check out the video above.

Is it strange that we kind of really want one?


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  • mrmag83

    sh*t is amazing.