hermes-crocodile-leather feature

Is This the Most Expensive T-Shirt in the World?


Hermès does not cater to the average consumer, we know this. Proponents of the “fashion is art” philosophy, the French fashion house has never had any qualms about slapping an absurd price tag on their designers duds. A toothpick with the luxury brand’s regal insignia would probably retail for about $50, while their best-selling Birkin handbag goes for a cool $10-$15k. The latest in their prodigal product lines comes in the form of this crocodile skin t-shirt for $91,500 PLUS tax – pocket change really. Yes, that’s right, pelts of crocodile flesh draped on your torso for the price of Corvette, a year at an Ivy League or a three bedroom house in Middle America. No doubt, the swamp people are having a good laugh considering they’ve been rocking gator gear for eons and it’s free . . . . from the Bayou. Of course, PETA will probably be holding a rally to vindicate the poor old croc. Try and avoid traffic delays around the Hermès flagship on Madison Ave. for the next week or so.

hermes-crocodile-leather feature


hermes-crocodile-leather feature

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