MoRuf Tangerine Music Video

Premiere: MoRuf “Tangerine/Her”

Mo brings the "Midnight Love" feeling to his latest music video.

Fresh off the success of his mixtape Shades.Of.MooEast Coast emcee MoRuf returns with a new music video for two tracks from the project, “Tangerine/Her.” At first glance the visuals look like something you might have peeped back in the day on BET’s “Midnight Love.” We chopped it up with Mo about the inspiration for the new video, the lovely females in the visuals, and his favorite part of the shoot.

Mass Appeal: Tell us about the idea for the video? I heard the audio is from a live performance.

Mo: The whole idea was for it to be as chill/fun as possible, everything to be in the moment. We didn’t really want to think it out to much. We just knew we wanted an orange background, tangerines and two females. It seemed to work out perfect. Yeah, I actually recorded it on my phone then went to the studio and just ad-libbed on it. It was just a reference track. I loved the vibe so I just let it be. Raw vibes.

MA: Who’s the director of the video?

Mo: The homie Anthony Blue Jr., aka The Yeet Gawd. Super talented. Got more visuals on the way. Woop!

MA: What was the original treatment for the video and how does it compare to the final result?

Mo: Basically what we captured. We thought of including a few outdoor shots but decided to keep everything indoors. Just felt right and made the most sense.

MA: There’s a lot of fruit in the video, what’s your favorite?

Mo: Hmmmm … apples and grapes – frozen grapes. Thank me later.

MA: What’s your least favorite fruit?

Mo: Strawberries – overrated.

MA: Do you think tomatoes should be a fruit?

Mo: Not even [Laughs]. That’s strictly veggie vibes, but it is what is.

MA: Did you make this video just to watch a cute girl watch fruit in slow motion?

Mo: You funny [Laughs]. Nah.

MA: What’s good with the transition between girls? Any deep statement you’re trying to make with the change of mood and color?

Mo: No big statement, really. The two songs have different vibes. “Tangerine” is more bright vibrant/playful and “Her” was a bit more darker and warmer/chill. Just wanted to make sure we captured that visually.

MA: What was the best part about making this video?

Mo: Eating tangerines all day, and figuring out the silhouette shot, which was inspired from A Tribe Called Quest’s “Bonita Applebum” visuals. Really, working with good people just made everything easier. Bless up to the director Blue, Giselle, Ziggy, and the homie Ezrah on the lights. Wouldn’t be possible without them. Bless #LOE

Peep MoRuf’s new music video for “Tangerine/Her” in the player up top, and afterwards pick up a copy of Shades.Of.Moo for yourself.

MoRuf Tangerine Music Video

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