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Mortar & Pestle “Lighthouse” (Kraddy Remix) Exclusive Premiere

Mortar & Pestle “Lighthouse” (Kraddy Remix) Exclusive Premiere

Fade Trippy Spectrum

Meet Mortar & Pestle, an Oakland-based electronic trio that creates music to make memories to. Comprised of singer Janaysa Lambert, keyboardist Paul Shinichi, and drummer Sean Paul Duke, the band’s first EP Mortar & Pestle is a tribute to the fallen friend that christened them with the ethereal name. Together the group forges an organic and synthetic sound that corrals around Janaysa’s sultry vocals which are then laced by galactic synths and brought back to Earth via profound drums.

For a special collaboration the band enlisted Los Angeles-based digital music god, Kraddy (Glitch Mob), to remix their “Lighthouse” track. Listen in as the deep sounds of the group get tweaked into a really wavy Dubstep rework that takes listeners on a sweet sonic bon voyage.

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