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M.O.P. “Back Block” ft. Uncle Murda

M.O.P. “Back Block” ft. Uncle Murda

As part of producer Boola‘s new mixtape, Produced by Boola 2, Brooklynites M.O.P. and Uncle Murda join forces for the track “Back Block.” While we haven’t heard much from M.O.P. as of late, they still have that back-and-forth raw and energetic dynamic that captures your ear during their verses. That’s not a slight to Uncle Murda, who shines just as much as Fame and Danze with lines like:

“Feeling like the realest nigga on the planet,
Rest In Peace Mike, I wanna fuck Janet”

Listen to the track, and peep the artwork for Boola’s mixtape below.

Boola presents "Back Block" featuring Uncle Murda and M.O.P.


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