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Monster X Diesel Vektr Gets Famous

Monster X Diesel Vektr Gets Famous


Monster Diesel Vektr Headphones

Discovering great new music can be a rewarding experience. So when Monster asked Mass Appeal to help them judge “Get Famous!”–a battle of the bands competition supporting the launch of their superior Vektr  headphones collabo with Diesel–like the Kool Aid Man, we said “Ohhh Yeaaaaaahhhh!”

Judging the competition was easy: I just imagined what type of songs would be played on the $279.95 headphones which looked like it came from a sleek yet Dystopian future.

After signing in to Sonicbids.com, a platform that connects bands with  audiences, I was to chose six of 20 bands/artists. The bands and performers hailed from the US, Canada and The UK, and their sounds  ranged from Rock, Alternative, Dance, Hip-Hop and R n B. I’d never heard of any of them before but I was eager to give them all a shot.

Canada’s Promise, a  rapper from Toronto, featuring Jhene Aiko on a song called “Against The Odds,” triggered the most physical response which came in the form of some feel good endorphins despite the MC’s dated hash tag and listicle biographical raps. Brooklyn rapper Tamara Bubble’s fiery performance of “Rap To This” was danceable and twerky. Canadian alernative rock group Cai.ro, and California based Hooves also made me pay attention and rounded out my top four.

Cai.ro’s folksy, guitar driven narrative “All These Colours,” I thought, had the most polished sound of the bunch while Hoove’s “Gallows” reminded me of a  bluesy scoring of a 1980s’ Gus Van Sant indie feature starring Keanu Reeves; which is to say their sound is very cinematic.

The competition, I think, will be between these two bands when the final round hits. Since most people in the world on the internet, if we are to believe a recent study, are Canadians, those bands hailing from up North may sweep this competition. May the best band win.