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Bump That! Monster Mike “#IMSUPARAW”

Bump That! Monster Mike “#IMSUPARAW”


Don’t let the song’s title fool you, this is isn’t your run of the mill “hashtag” rap. On “#IMSUPARAW Chicago’s Monster Mike takes James Blake’s “Postpone” and makes it the backdrop for some good old-fashioned Chi City shit talking. Think Common when he was young, politically incorrect and, well, raw.

Directors Visual Mecca give Mike’s verbal barrage the “follow the bouncing ball” treatment so that you can sing along if hip-hop karaoke’s your thing. They get extra props for illustrating Mike’s references to Michael Jordan, laundry detergent and weed. Check out the clip above and thank us for putting you up on a dope new Chicago spitter who isn’t named “Chance the Rapper” or “Chief Keef.”