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Monster Energy Refuses to Accept Beastie Boys Verdict

Monster Energy Refuses to Accept Beastie Boys Verdict

Yesterday, the surviving Beastie Boys won $1.7 million from Monster Energy for unauthorized use of some of their most famous songs and an implied endorsement.

Pitchfork is now reporting that Monster Energy have issued a statement that suggests they’re unwilling to accept the verdict and will be appealing in court:

Although Monster Energy has great respect for the verdict of the jury, we strongly disagree with it.  We will make an application to the Court to set aside the verdict and we intend to file an appeal. From the inception, Monster Energy has been willing to resolve this matter in a fair and equitable manner and we will continue to make additional efforts to reach a just resolution of this dispute.

As of yet, the Beastie Boys have yet to make any further statement.We will keep you updated on the story as more details become available.

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