Coach Baseball Billfold Wallet

Moneyball Catches Up with Coach Wallets

Remember when Seinfeld's George Costanza worked for the Yankees? He was making money, hand over fist, and his wallet looked like a brick. Look at Coach's new baseball inspired wallet and tell us if George and The Boss would cosign it. Batter up!

Coach Baseball Billfold Wallet

Father’s Day is just around the corner and the old standby of slippers and after-shave isn’t gonna cut it this year. If you’re unsure what to get yourself or your dad, we recommend two all- American favorites that will make old geezers smile: cash and baseball.

Handbag maker Coach brought these two elements together to make some killer wallets inspired by America’s beloved past time. The Limited Edition Heritage Baseball Billfold Wallet is made from recycled baseball gloves and antique leather purchased from eBay. If expensive one-of-a-kind wallets ($348, limited run of 200) aren’t your thing, then the company’s baseball paperweights, keychains, and smooth leather duffels, may be the answer.

Coach’s collection was a natural move for the company. Founded in 1941, the American brand was actually inspired by the feel of a well-worn baseball glove.

Coach Limited Edition Heritage Baseball Billfold Wallet, $348, available at Coach.


Coach Baseball Billfold Wallet

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