Thizz Faces: A Woman’s Reaction to 4 ‘Molly’ Rap Songs

A woman's perspective on rap songs about MDMA.

Some rappers sip lean, more than a few say they sell coke, and just about everyone smokes weed but “Molly” is fast becoming one of the most referenced illicit drugs in hip-hop. If you didn’t know – because you’re some type of straight edge lame-O or elderly person – “Molly” is the street name of pure MDMA, the active ingredient in Ecstasy, a drug that hasn’t been poppin’ in the hip-hop community since Ja Rule rapped about it. (Ja-Rule, remember him? Lolz.)

In the past few months we’ve heard everyone from to Kanye to Mac Miller rapping about Molly. Rappers talk about the euphoria-inducing dope like it’s the ultimate aphrodisiac or party enhancer;  apparently it’s something that really gets the ladies going. We wondered what a real woman thought about these songs so we had our own Laura Bermudez give her reactions to four recent MDMA rap anthems.

Maino  – “Molly”

“He sounds like he has codependency issues, and some kind of relentless bout with ‘pain.’ I would rather not take Molly with this Maino. I would maybe hang out with him a party I was obligated to attend, but I would leave early. Before he ‘came down.’ I hope he’s OK.”

Jackie Chain – “Molly”

“Jackie Chain speaks to me a bit more. I lost track of my friend the first time I did Molly, so I feel him on the ‘where did she go?’ tip. He also has hula hoops so, yeah, I’d hang out with him.”

Grafh – “Mary Jane & Molly”

“OK, OK, OK . . . a little graphic but that’s fine, he’s touching on a lot of aspects here. If only more people were as generous with their drugs as Grafh . . . It makes me want to take Molly so I don’t get too offended about his ‘bustin’ open of things. Definitely bring a trampy friend. I don’t want to be privy to said ‘bustin’.”

Jae Millz ft. 2 Chainz – Molly

These guys get it . . . don’t mess with my water. And telescopes are the best. Not sure it’s the best soundtrack for Molly but I probably boast claims like ‘I’m a roofing expert’ when I’m on it, so that ‘s that. I would love to hang with these dudes and tell tall tales, with or without Molly.

All these guys expect an awful lot from ladies on Molly. Where’s the chick tracks? Chicks expect stuff too. Craaazy stuff.

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  • K1

    you should be askin Tech N9ne about Molly if you tryin to ask rappers

  • ghostthizzle702

    If you really wanna here dope beats and great lyrics bout molly check out mac dre???