Pusha T: My Name Is My Name – Documentary Series Part 3

In Part 3 of Pusha's documentary he shares his stake on the current state of lyricism versus real raps.

In part 3 of My Name Is My Name – Documentary Series, we find Complex’s Noah Callahan-Bever discussing the musical landscape of rap, authenticity and his steps towards becoming a full-fledged artist.

Pusha sites Chicago’s homegrown music scene as a source of authenticity and catalyst for emotion. Noah draws attention to Pusha’s lyrical ability and questions his take on Chi-town’s lyrical ability when considering their appeal. Push makes note that despite the Clipse’s lyrical legacy, they still enjoy what they enjoy. “People discredit their lyricism. Emotion accounts for a lot of that too. What you lack in lyricism, if you get that across in emotion, you win.”

Pusha mentions Rick Ross as an artist that makes him want to write better. Noah follows up with questions of authenticity and its importance in hip hop today, to which Push replies,  “Authenticity as far as my music goes is a key component. Ross said the illest line. C-Murder would go diamond if being real in rap was what it was.

In this interview, we can see that Pusha has a very well-rounded and balanced grasp on where rap music is today. Presenting no generational biases, he discusses the climate of the game. “These kids don’t have the same principles and morals and standards.” Noah replies, “There used to be a sign at the door that said, ‘No biting allowed.’ Now you have dudes sounding exactly like other people.” Pusha followed up with “I’m not giving rap passes, I’m gonna call it what it is. Are you just gonna look past the fact that the Chicago scene isn’t as strong lyrically? I could sit back and say, ‘Man but it’s way more authentic than what I feel the A$AP movement is.’ I gotta respect these movements for what they do. If I want lyrics I’m gonna listen to Kendrick. If we’re gonna get off of rap, I’m gonna go for the thing that feels most authentic to me.”


Author, Brandon ‘Jinx’ Jenkins would go diamond if being real in life was what it was. Peep his twitter: @Jersey_Jinx
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