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MLB All-Star Game 2013 Logo Round Up

MLB All-Star Game 2013 Logo Round Up

2013 All-Star Game Poster Citi-Field Mr. Met

The all-star game is coming to Flushing’s Citi Field next year, hold the confetti. Since last year, baseball fans, Mets in particular, have been awaiting New York’s win for the bid to host the five-day festivities taking place in July 2013. It’s not like a NY team just won the pennant either. With the announcement arriving during Queens Week, it raises the ongoing speculation of what the All-Star game logo will look like. A few fan sites are predicting designs that picture the iconic skyline with the Big Apple, or Mr. Met’s mug in clear view. For now, the nail biting continues, at least until the day the logo is announced and merchandise sells out stores faster than burgers at Shakeshack. Below are a few potentials setting the tone for what to expect for the Midsummer Classic in NY.

Citi-Field Queens New York 2013 All-Star Game
2013 All-Star Game Big Apple
2013 All-Star Game Flushing New York
New York City All Star Game 2013
Mr. Met 2013 All Star Game Citi Field New York

Via Mets Mezmerized

All Star Game 2013

Amazin Avenue is holding a contest for fans to create their own logo using the image above as the base. Entries are due by the May 31st deadline. In the perfect world, our Queens Day poster would be up for consideration, but our event at Irving Plaza is a whole other ball game.

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