Mister Cartoon Sanctiond In L.A.

Mister Cartoon Sanctiond In L.A.

Mister Cartoon creates a new legacy through Sanctiond, conintuing his long-standing commitment to the world on wheels.

Tattoo legend and low-rider enthusiast Mister Cartoon gave fans an unprecedented tour of his work space and garage last week, introducing us to Mister Cartoon Sanctiond™. Already an icon for lifestyle, Mister Cartoon now has Sanctiond™ to his resumé as an official brand. It doubles as an automotive studio, also featuring products targeting a culturally diverse consumer, whose passions for music, fashion, art, community, and sports are centered around and enabled by their whips.

“Cars are extensions of our personalities,” Cartoon, a former graffiti writer, said in a statement to media and stans as the tour got underway on Wednesday. “Our customers are committed to making their vehicles more than just their rides. Cars are part of who they are. I’m grateful I now have the ability to turn this passion into something everyone can experience. By combining my love of cars, culture, and lifestyle, I’ve created a product I’m proud of.”

So what can whip enthusiasts expect from Mister Cartoon Sanctiond™ and Sanctiond™ Automotive? Try 15 products and growing: car washes, waxes, polishes, spray retailers, interior cleaners and conditioners, and a trio of innovative tire shines. Hand drawn package design is also thrown into the mix with cutting edge product formulation.

Automotive industry vet Atticus Firey is Sanctiond’s CEO and co-founding partner with Cartoon (seen on stage with Cartoon in the gallery) on the project which will tap into the $265 billion automotive industry. “Sanctiond™ is the answer to retailers looking for new consumers and revived energy in this category,” said Firey. “There are millions of people being overlooked by current brands because they’re not the typical car enthusiasts. Yet, they are fanatics about their cars. I’m inspired by Cartoon’s passion for this community and our team’s ability to reach individuals through every aspect of a shared lifestyle,” adds Firey.

Photos of the launch party, which included a bounce competition, In-N-Out Burger stands, go-go girls, tons of whips and Cartoon’s garage are in the gallery above.

Wheels: Mister Cartoon SanctionD In LA! (PHOTOS)

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Mister Cartoon Sanctiond In L.A.

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