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Mister Cartoon & Barton Perreira Throw Lowrider Shade

Mister Cartoon & Barton Perreira Throw Lowrider Shade

LA tattoo king  Mister Cartoon has thrown some serious weight behind a new collaboration with luxury eyewear brand Barton Perreira:  sunglasses inspired by Mexican-American lowrider culture.

For designer Patty Perreira the union was a long time coming.

“I am a huge fan of Mister Cartoon,” Perreira said in a statement announcing the pair’s collabo. “I love his unique style and how he is mad about details just like I am. Somehow I feel a sort of design affinity towards him and I wanted to bring his magical touch to a sunglass design.”

Limited to 400 pairs, the sunglasses, which retails for $595, are made with hand polished Japanese Zyl frames and Nylite lenses, a marriage of  technology and luxury which resonates with Cartoon.

“I like Barton Perreira’s originality and style,” said Cartoon, explaining his appreciation of Perreira’s aesthetic. “I’m a car guy as well as a tattoo artist, so sunglasses are an essential part of lowriding and driving on the west coast…. The glasses have to be original, strong, and a quality that makes them standout from the rest – and the darker the better.”

Mission accomplished.