Miss Appeal: Taeko Saito, Brooklyn’s Sexiest Equestrian

Meet Brooklyn's sexiest equestrian. She doesn't "make love" and rides rougher than Eve.

Photo by Antonio Scarlata
Video by Ryo Tanzawa

Taiko Saito is hot to trot. When she’s not working tirelessly at the A&R Department of Songs Publishing, Taeko Saito escapes to the nearest horse stable to ride, relax and reconnect with nature. Mass Appeal linked up with the  tatted-up Ms. Saito at Brooklyn’s Kensington Stables to talk about horses and dating do’s and don’ts among other things.

Heavy metal or Heavy Mental? Killah Priest.

Best prank you’ve played on someone? My mom taught me to always answer to telemarketers by pretending you can’t speak English and hang up. It works. All the time.

Mister Ed or Black Beauty? My Little Pony.

What other beast do you want to tame? Maybe a squirrel monkey.

Who would you pick to join you on a deserted island? Depends if it’s a vacation or I’m just stranded there.

Ciara’s “Ride” or “Ride” the movie (1998)? Ciara is a babe.

Western or English horseback riding? Japanese.

What’s the first thing you hide from an uninvited guest? Dirty laundry.

What’s the last thing a guy learns about you before you get serious?

In Japan we call sarcasm “American joke.”

What’s the most illegal thing you’ve done in public? Riding under the influence.

Have sex or make love? I once broke it off with a guy because he texted me that he couldn’t wait to “make love to me.” I said “No thanks.”

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