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Miss Appeal: Kim Matulova

Miss Appeal: Kim Matulova

Miss Appeal: Kim Matulova

Photo by Jason Goldwatch

Hometown?  Cough up a lung where I’m from.

Relationship status? The Boss’s Wife.

Favorite flavor of ice cream?  Tres leche.

Most desired trait in a man?  Gentleman and a Thug.

Most desired trait in a woman? Brains.

Most desired trait in a pet?  Protection and friendship.

Favorite song? “T.O.N.Y.”

Favorite kind of math?  Love.

How do you get money?   I don’t know… I’m on my New York Hustle , I’m an actress, i model, sometimes I make things and get to turn my dreams into reality.

Thoughts on the economy?

It’s reinventing itself. Old systems will fall.

How do you define beauty?  Natural and from within.

Any beauty tips for the ladies and/or metrosexual men?  Coconut oil.

Who is your celebrity crush?  
Miss Russia 2012 and Daria Werbowy.

Who is your celebrity smash?  

My most expensive accessory is…? $11 dollar Organic Coconut water & Balmain Boots.

Why are women better than men?
- Without hurting too many feelings? I’ll go with the simple answer: Because we Carry Life.

What does Mass Appeal mean to you? The best Era of New York. Best era of Hip Hop. My Generation’s cultural depictor.

Rap or hip hop? Good Hip Hop.

Techno or technical school? Technical School.

Justin Bieber or Ellen Degeneres? Both are Degenerates

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