Miss Appeal: Jessica Freites

Who knew an occultist could be this hot?

Miss Appeal: Jessica Freites

Photo & Video by Will Robson-Scott

Age? 26 going on 15 . . . or 45

Hometown? Narnia, by way of Tampa, New York and Miami.

Relationship status? Solitude.

Most desired trait in a man? Tie between confidence and sense of humor.

Most desired trait in a woman? Non cat-like behavior and independence.

What animal is your kindred spirit? Honey badger or horse.

What three things do you predict for hip-hop in 2013? The Rap Apocalypse. The Hip-Hop Renaissance. Openly gay rappers.

What is your superstition? Don’t have any. Although most of society would probably consider my interest in the occult all superstition.

Tattoo you want to remove? None. I was aware that tattoos were permanent when I started getting them.

Tattoo you want to get and where? Too many to name in too many random places. Mostly text/quotes and possibly the image for the flower of life.

The last fear you conquered? I had a termite problem at my last crib, this caused me to have a termite phobia of sorts. Recently, at my current living situation, the termites have returned, I’m now a fearless murderer. . . kinda.

Best place to people watch. I rather fancy Union Square during the summer. It’s pretty much a clusterfuck of yuppies, hipsters, hippies, performers, artisans, circus freaks, skaters, burnouts, representatives from every religious sect, etc.

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  • Get em, Yessica!

  • all fags are straight

    I support “gay” rappers because being agreed with by the “in” crowd keeps me getting up everyday.