Miss Appeal: Bridget Kelly

Miss Appeal: Bridget Kelly

Much has changed for Bridget Kelly since we got to know her in 2006. When Jay-Z later added BK to his Roc Nation roster, he was truly in an Empire State of Mind. Bridge the gap down memory lane.

Miss Appeal: Bridget Kelly

words: Felipe Delerme

Age: 20

Hometown: New York, NY

Status: In a relationship

Ethnicity: Irish and Bahamian

Occupation: Singer/songwriter/employee at American Apparel & Morimoto/part-time student

How would you describe your music? “I would say Pop/R&B. I mean, I like up-tempo pop music, but I’m also a neo-soul lover, so I try to incorporate some jazzy R&B flavor [and] smooth grooves in between the club bangers.”

Grape juice or grape drink? “Is red Kool-Aid an option? No grape drink for me.”

Would you rather date a guy in prison or a guy who lives with his mom in New Jersey? “At home with his mom in New Jersey, but he would have to have a car ’cause that whole PATH Train thing is not a go.”

Would you ever have plastic surgery? “No, I’m taking care of my body so I think there will be no need. I’m going to age gracefully.”

What was the last thing someone said to try and pick you up on the subway? “Oh, dude at my job tried to tip me because he thought I was beautiful and he’s like ‘This is especially for you,’ and he handed me a 20 dollar bill and I was like ‘I’m sorry sir, I can’t take that.’ No happy endings here.”

Have you ever been arrested? “I got caught stealing at Lord & Taylor when I was like 16, but the dude who caught me tried to hit on me so he let me go without calling the cops or my mom.”

Have you ever had to punch anyone in the face?

“I punched a boy in the face in the fourth grade cause he grabbed my ass.”

Miss Appeal: Bridget Kelly

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