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Mishka Presents: Craig Wheat In-Store Event

Mishka Presents: Craig Wheat In-Store Event

craig wheat art miska event

Are you a fan of cryptic, multiple eyeballed creatures and atheist felines? If so, Craig Wheat just might be your new favorite artist.

May 31st Mishka will host an event in celebration of Craig Wheat at the flagship store at 350 Broadway in Brooklyn, NY. Known for his eery visuals , Wheat has done work for skate companies including Coda, BOMB and REAL as well as art for Mishka’s 2013 line.

In addition to showcasing his art, Mishka will also release an exclusive shirt designed by Wheat for Mishka. The event will take place from 7pm-10pm.

Check out more art from Craig Wheat on his website.

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crag wheat cat art miska event
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