Mishka Celebrates Artist Jonny Negron

Artist Jonny Negron likes his women thick–well at least he likes to draw them that way.

Mishka is celebrating the work of Negron–a NewYorican artist fascinated by Rubenesque women–this Friday at their Brooklyn flagship store where they’ll have his work display and will unveil their first clothing collaboration with him.

From Mishka:

On Friday, March 8th, Мишка, will celebrate the work of Jonny Negron, and the release of a limited edition shirt designed by the artist. The event runs from 7 p.m. ­– 10 p.m., and will be held at Мишка’s flagship store located at, 350 Broadway in Brooklyn, New York.

Jonny Negron is best known for working within the medium of comics. But Negron does not create what the average superhero fan would recognize as a comic. Comics inform his work – they do not dictate his work. Negron does not share the same vision of the world that the Silver Age Superman had. Negron reaches his truth by commenting on ours, and he comments with a deftly demented hand. He creates a wonderfully twisted, kaleidoscopic, acid soaked version of reality. Negron’s work comprises images of extreme violence and hyper sexuality – yet there is youthfulness in his hand, and an extreme vibrancy in his color palette. Most importantly: his work is never without thought and intent.

Мишка is proudly presenting Negron’s art this Friday, March 8th at Мишка’s flagship Brooklyn store at 350 Broadway. Negron teamed with Мишка to create a limited edition shirt to commemorate this celebration. The shirt will be officially released in-store and online during the showcase of Negron’s work

Friday March 8th, 2013, 7-10PM
Мишка NYC
350 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY

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