Mint&Serf Paint Metallica Museum

The weekend had its high and lows with MIRF hitting Atlantic City, then getting kicked out. Peep how PPP left their mark.

Mint and Serf MIRF Metallica

Mint&Serf (MIRF) ventured out to Atlantic City this weekend for a 2-day Metallica concert. Their PPP crew crushed the walls of the Metallica Museum, which was captured on Instagram. The bad news, according to their Twitter feed, someone snitched. They got kicked out of the show. No word exactly on the results of their exit from AC. What we do have for you is a round up of their spraying spree of Plutonium Paint.

The MIRF graffiti Metallica Plutonium Paint

The MIRF graffiti Metallica

The MIRF Metallica graffiti

The MIRF Metallica graffiti

The MIRF graffiti Metallica


graffiti metallica museum

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