Mint and Serf Press Conference

Mint&Serf Saying It and Spraying It

Mint and Serf have been marking their territory for many years via spray paint that they "acquired" from various outlets. But as of today, those days of racking paint are fading away like a horny aerosol mist.

New York City: Mint and Serf have been making a name for themselves inside graffiti culture for some time now. They’ve been storming the art world establishment for a minute, and their new endorsement deal with Plutonium paint will only help to further unleash the (legal) graf beast that dwells inside of them. Plutonium is a premium paint brand that is made in Detroit, USA—the current home of wild, Technicolor burners like EVERYWHERE created by artists from EVERYWHERE. And they’re stepping up with forty tasty colors out the gate. My man Sherwin Williams might be sleeping on the business that the grown-up graffiti community can provide, but the folks at Plutonium are wide awake and on the verge of counting a tall pile of greenbacks.

With a 50 percent unemployment rate, Detroit seriously needs jobs, so bless you, Plutonium. Eminem should shout you out.

BONUS: Mint and Serf’s three-dimensional merger of their names line the walls of NYC to the party spot, W.I.P. (Work In Progress) downtown. They talked about the making of their 3-D throw up back in Mass Appeal: Issue 42, and the installation remains around the city, especially in the LES, next to El-P‘s Cancer 4 Cure album snipes. Check out the layered look of MIRF, plus the street shot below.



Mint and Serf Press Conference

Mint and Serf Press Conference

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