Exclusive: Mike ‘Truth’ Johnston “TMNT” Movie Poster

Get the first look at Truth's artwork for TMNT.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot drops on August 8, and the film couldn’t look any more promising. With names like Johnny Knoxville, Megan Fox, and Michael Bay tied to a revival of one of American’s most beloved franchises, it’s hard not to be excited. The turtles will indeed shine this year, but they’re also looking to shred during the Summer X Games from today through June 8.

Multi-talented artist Mike Johnston is helping see that through with new artwork for an official movie poster, which we’re giving you an exclusive look at today. Johnston is a local artist from Austin who dabbles in street art. From murals and stencils to painting on decks and sneakers, Johnston makes his mark on the streets as ‘Truth.’ Check out more of his work here.

Johnston will be in Austin to paint on the X Games graffiti wall live and sign copies of his prints at the TMNT Experience tent, which also features a photo booth and random prizes.

Peep the rad X Games/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover poster below, and watch the film’s trailer up top in the player.

Mike Johnston TMNT Artwork

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