Holiday Shopping With Migos at FAO Schwarz

We just did some Holiday shopping with Migos ATL, check out what went down!



MA: Favorite pair of sneakers?

OffSet: Hightop or Lowtop Giuseppes
TakeOff: Christian Louboutin
Quavo: Versace

MA: Who’s a big spoon and who’s a little spoon?

OffSet: Everybody got a big spoon around my squad, everybody equal.
TakeOff: We ain’t got no little spoons.

MA: No, I mean when you’re spooning, you’re snuggling, who’s on the outside and who’s on the inside?

Quavo: Hahaha. “Two girls with me on the left and the right and I’m feeling like…”
All three: “…Malcolm, I’m stuck in the middle.”




MA: Craziest Migos post that you’ve seen?

Quavo: The cartoon with Drake, “Fake Versace.” It was very funny. We didn’t take it as no diss.
TakeOff: We died laughing.

MA: Marry, Sex, Kill: Nicki Manaj, Rihanna and Beyonce, go!

OffSet: Marry Nicki, Sexing Beyonce and Kill Rihanna
Quavo: Marry Beyonce, Sex with Nicki and Kill Rihanna
TakeOff: Marry Beyonce, Sex with Nicki and Kill Rihanna

MA: So everyone would kill Rihanna?

OffSet: Yeah you gotta, uhhh, put pressure on her.


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