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Holiday Shopping With Migos at FAO Schwarz

Holiday Shopping With Migos at FAO Schwarz


“What ya gonna do when you get out of jail? I’m gonna have some fun…”

– Tom Tom Club,  “Genius of Love”

And fun we did have last week with ATL’s always Versace-clad rap trio, Migos. The guys, including OffSet who just returned from a bid, stopped by FAO Schwarz on a quick trip to NYC, to do a little holiday shopping and talk about their plans for 2014.

Follow along with our photo recap of Migos exploring 5th Avenue’s most off tha wall toy store and get the scoop on YRN 2, their new “Hannah Montana” video, and if they prefer Beyonce, Nicki or Rihanna. Happy Holidaze!



MA: So thanks for hanging out guys. It’s awesome to meet all three of you. I’m curious, how did you get your names?

Quavo: Quavo is half of my real name.
OffSet: My swag explains itself. I’m different, I stand out, that’s how I got mine.
TakeOff: It’s how I go in the booth when I do my thing.

MA: Nice…and how are you guys related?

OffSet: See these my cousins, let me teach y’all the game. Takeoff is Quavo’s nephew, he the oldest too. So we all family, it’s all in the blood, we ain’t goin’ nowhere.

MA: You just dropped a video for “Hannah Montana,” how did that go?

OffSet: It’s crazy. It was my first time premiering on it because you know I wasn’t able to be on the first one. It was crazy when we premiered it on 106, and they dropped it twice in one show.

MA: So you took a song about drugs and turned it into a song about Miley Cyrus twerking.

Quavo: Yeah it was gonna be hard for us to do our songs spinning all the way around the world talkin’ ’bout drugs, so we wanted to just make it more club friendly and dance friendly.



MA: Since we’re here, what’s your favorite candy?

Quavo: Fruit Roll-Up and Gushers
TakeOff: Sour Punch Straws
OffSet: Lifesaver Gummies

MA: Do you have a favorite piece of bling that you rock?

Quavo: The QC piece. We all family, we all together, we all raised up together, so QC means unity.

MA: Do you guys eat pizza cold?

All three: NO!

MA: Do you guys eat pizza at all?

All three: Yes!
Quavo: We’ve been eatin’ pizza ever since we touched down.
TakeOff: I’ll eat cold chicken, but not cold pizza.
Quavo: It’s good but I’m tired of it, I want some southern cookin’ in New York, some Soul Food.





MA: You had a huge year, what does 2014 hold for Migos?

Quavo: Another ridiculous killer year.
OffSet: Good surprises…movies…
TakeOff: Another crazy mixtape coming out.
Quavo: We got a movie coming out too called “Bando,” and we got one of the hottest R&B artists on a track, so it’s gonna be a real smash hit.
OffSet: Yes, yes, we’re comin’ with the flame.

MA: And you blew up so fast. How long have you been a group?

Quavo: We’ve been a group for about two years, but we all started as family and everybody was a Migos. We just was the talented ones and took it and put it on something positive and ran with it.

MA: Are there any musical influences that stand out to you?

Quavo: Just a lot of Southern rappers, growin’ up and listening to all the southern rappers molded us as artists period. We saw how artists split and broke up in Atlanta, cause they was really close to us and around us, so we just take lessons and learn and then try to instill them within the group of us and just keep it tight.

MA: If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

OffSet: Michael Jackson, Master P
TakeOff: Biggie
Quavo: Ice Cube

MA: Speaking of collabs, how did you end up on R. Kelly’s new album?

Quavo: R. Kelly came to Atlanta and he had a show at Club Crucial, and he played “Versace,” and when they dropped “Versace” he told them to run it back like five or six times. And Club Crucial called me and said “R. Kelly lovin’ the ‘Versace’ song telling me to run back ‘Versace’ like three, four, five, six times,” and I was like ‘Tell him we gotta get one in,’ and so we did “Show Ya Pussy.”


MA: What’s a Migos show like?

TakeOff: It’s a movie.
OffSet: Crazy. The crowds are way outta control, they jumping up and down screaming.
Quavo: Moshpits, crowd surfing…
TakeOff: They sing the words to every song, word for word.
Quavo: Kinda like how Chance The Rapper shows be going.
TakeOff: It’s a lot of love though, they give us lot of love.
MA: What does it feel like for you guys when you’re on stage?
OffSet: I feel like the president.

Quavo: You feel the energy when you coming out, like sometimes, we don’t feel like doing a show, then we see the crowd and the crowd just get us right back up. It’s the fans that make the shows.
TakeOff: We end up doing the whole mixtape, and they know all the words, the whole mixtape.

MA: Favorite venue in Atlanta?

Quavo: Birthday Bash
TakeOff: The Bando
OffSet: The Bando

MA: Go-to party song?

Quavo: The YRN2 Mixtape – the whole mixtape
TakeOff: That YRN, the first one.
Quavo: All the songs we’ve remixed, they play my boy Ferg’s shit, play my boy French’s shit.
OffSet: “Sneakin and Geekin” by PeeWee Longway.
Quavo: MPA Duke, Skippa da Flippa, Guapo, Johnny Cinco…
TakeOff: …“They Gave The Wrong Young Nigga Money”(Cinco track)
Quavo: All them boys got some hard bangers. I ride to us and the camp.