Holiday Shopping With Migos at FAO Schwarz

We just did some Holiday shopping with Migos ATL, check out what went down!

“What ya gonna do when you get out of jail? I’m gonna have some fun…”

– Tom Tom Club,  “Genius of Love”

And fun we did have last week with ATL’s always Versace-clad rap trio, Migos. The guys, including OffSet who just returned from a bid, stopped by FAO Schwarz on a quick trip to NYC, to do a little holiday shopping and talk about their plans for 2014.

Follow along with our photo recap of Migos exploring 5th Avenue’s most off tha wall toy store and get the scoop on YRN 2, their new “Hannah Montana” video, and if they prefer Beyonce, Nicki or Rihanna. Happy Holidaze!



MA: So thanks for hanging out guys. It’s awesome to meet all three of you. I’m curious, how did you get your names?

Quavo: Quavo is half of my real name.
OffSet: My swag explains itself. I’m different, I stand out, that’s how I got mine.
TakeOff: It’s how I go in the booth when I do my thing.

MA: Nice…and how are you guys related?

OffSet: See these my cousins, let me teach y’all the game. Takeoff is Quavo’s nephew, he the oldest too. So we all family, it’s all in the blood, we ain’t goin’ nowhere.

MA: You just dropped a video for “Hannah Montana,” how did that go?

OffSet: It’s crazy. It was my first time premiering on it because you know I wasn’t able to be on the first one. It was crazy when we premiered it on 106, and they dropped it twice in one show.

MA: So you took a song about drugs and turned it into a song about Miley Cyrus twerking.

Quavo: Yeah it was gonna be hard for us to do our songs spinning all the way around the world talkin’ ’bout drugs, so we wanted to just make it more club friendly and dance friendly.



MA: Since we’re here, what’s your favorite candy?

Quavo: Fruit Roll-Up and Gushers
TakeOff: Sour Punch Straws
OffSet: Lifesaver Gummies

MA: Do you have a favorite piece of bling that you rock?

Quavo: The QC piece. We all family, we all together, we all raised up together, so QC means unity.

MA: Do you guys eat pizza cold?

All three: NO!

MA: Do you guys eat pizza at all?

All three: Yes!
Quavo: We’ve been eatin’ pizza ever since we touched down.
TakeOff: I’ll eat cold chicken, but not cold pizza.
Quavo: It’s good but I’m tired of it, I want some southern cookin’ in New York, some Soul Food.



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