Migos Showcase App Raps With “Bedloo”

Migos Showcase App Raps With “Bedloo”

Many unsuccessful attempts at app-integration into rap songs have already been made (see Fat Joe’s “Instagram That Hoe“), but don’t write Migos off into that category, because these guys are more tech-savvy than you think. Migos has partnered with the app Bedloo to release the song/video “Bedloo.” Having trouble deciding what to wear? Trouble with deciding what car to drive for the day? Trouble deciding which girl or guy you’d like to see today? Well Bedloo allows you to post content in your feed and let other users vote, making these difficult life decisions much easier.

Migos manages to break down how to use the app during the hook and verses on the song, while recording in the studio, and smoking weed. Thank the three kings of multitasking by checking out the video above.