Microsoft Surface Tablet

Microsoft’s Surface Tablet Covers The Basics & More

If appearance is everything, Microsoft's new tablet is a good look on the surface. Read more for the specs.

Last week, word leaked that hardware and software manufacturer Microsoft, had a tablet up its sleeve, ready to take on the iPad. Well, yesterday Microsoft unveiled its poorly kept secret tablet called Surface in Hollywood, and the response so far has been great from reviewers. The device has an SD slot, a full-sized USB port, a Display Port out, Gorilla Glass, a kickstand, WIFI courtesy of a 2×2 MIMO antennae and front and rear cameras, giving it the ability to compete with the iPad, and potentially beat other Android tablets.

The rundown via Gizmodo:

This is an Ugh!/Yeah! depending on who you are, but Surface, like everything Windows, will come in two flavors. The aforementioned super-skinny variant runs Windows RT on an ARM processor (like the one in your phone, or most other tablets), while the Pro copy runs an Ivy Bridge Core i5 x86 processor, USB 3.0, and other ultrabook-y specs. It’ll be a little thicker (13.5mm) and heavier, though not by much. The Pro Surface will be available with either 64 or 128 GB of storage.

Coolest feature? The magnetic covers, which comes in a variety of colors, doubling as a keyboard and a kickstand. Expect the tablets this fall. No word on pricing, yet.






Microsoft Surface Tablet

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