Mickey Factz Mickey Mause art graffiti mixtape

Mickey Factz Paints Mickey MauSe On Wax, Not the Streets

Mickey Factz makes many references to pop art and graffiti on his new mixtape, Mickey MauSe. But are we getting the full picture?

There’s something honorable in what Mickey Factz is doing with his Mickey MauSe Mixtape. He’s praising the influence of fallen art heroes: Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring and Andy Warhol. Elsewhere, at the Brooklyn Museum, Haring is being commemorated in the “1978-1982” exhibit. There’s also a walking tour around New York that covers the footprint left by Warhol like his first apartment to the former location of Warhol’s Silver Factory. As a follow up, Mickey’s timing is more refreshing than the bigging up of Basquiat ad nauseam by Jiggaman, Yeezy and Swizzy.

What the self-proclaimed Warhol of Metaphors is doing conceptually on the mixtape has good intentions. He’s tinkering with the past by chopping up old Warhol interviews and outtakes from Radiant Child. The interludes find Mickey’s alter-ego having conversations with his idols of the art world. His character even paints a question mark accented by the silhouette of Walt Disney’s franchise player. Mickey’s pen has always been sharp, writing some of the most underrated wordplay in the rap game. But writer in the visual sense he is not.

Unfortunately Mickey MauSe is not really bombing a graphic image or his name. We probably wouldn’t know about MauSe unless we were actively seeking him out on Tumblr or DatPiff. The internet has always been Mickey’s playground. In real life, some have nightclubs like SOB’s where he often performs in front of a packed house. For die hard Mickey Factz fans, there should be more than the music and a few videos of him acting on yet another concept mixtape on his resumé (Dark Phoenix: Alpha, 2010). The Bronx-bred sound bomber still has work to do.

Download the Mickey Mause Mixtape at DatPiff.

Mickey Factz Mickey Mause art graffiti mixtape

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