Michael Christmas’ “Is This Art?” is Definitely Art

If you're listening to the same boring turn up shit over and over please stop. Michael Christmas has some unconventional wisdom for your ears.

Being a hip hop fanatic from Boston is a complex affair. All of the greats are from our rival city, and if they weren’t originally from New York they moved to the City before they got big (see: Guru). I even moved to the Big Apple because of what Boston’s lacking. But fuck it, I don’t rock with Steven Tyler so New York has become my new home.

So when I heard that there was a dude from Boston with wild talent and originality, named Michael Christmas no less, I considered it a gift. After hearing the first two tracks off Is This Art?, “Daily” and “Michael Cera,” intrigue turned into excitement. Now that the whole album has come out, my excitement has turned into a full blown eargasm that has yet to stop.

When I interviewed Michael a couple weeks before the album dropped he said the title wasn’t necessarily a question of whether or not the project was art, but if anything around us was? Is that meticulously crafted weave art? Is anything that I’m writing art? I believe Christmas was suggesting we can turn any of these things into art if we want, and intentionally or unintentionally, that’s exactly what he’s done with this album. Whether it’s using NBA players to support sexual protection on “Y’all Trippin” (“Use the Gary Payton ‘fore you get the Magic on your shit“) or telling us why he thinks his little sister is bitch mobbing on “Broke and Young,” he makes everything… well more artistic.

Christmas knows what art is. “Yeah Is This Art? is one hundred percent art. It’s all self expression. It’s me making music however I want to. Again, art is whatever you think it is.” I think this project is art, Christmas thinks it’s art, but what do y’all think?

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