Bishop Nehru and MF DOOM

MF DOOM & Bishop Nehru Talk “Nehruvian Doom”

The Supervillain and the Nanuet emcee chat about their forthcoming EP.

Rumors have been circulating for quite some time about Nanuet emcee Bishop Nehru’s forthcoming joint project with the king of the underground, MF DOOM. XXL Magazine recently caught up with the two in London, England to chat about their aptly-tilted EP, Nehruvian Doom.

During their conversation, Nehru was quick to praise DOOM’s lyrical ability and explain how it set the bar for the project, while the metal-faced villain humbly stated that he was the one trying to keep up with Nehru. The two did not reveal a release date for the project, though Nehru did mention that the EP is currently slated to consist of seven tracks.

Check out the video above for the rest of the details on Nehruvian Doom.

Nehruvian Doom
Bishop Nehru and MF DOOM

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