Mayhem Lauren "Respect That Fly Shit"

Meyhem Lauren Demands Respect on New Album

Meyhem Lauren maintains his altitude of flyness through his latest release.

Mayhem Lauren "Respect That Fly Shit"

Meyhem Lauren’s new project Respect The Fly Shit just made its way into the office (pardon the late pass), and of course we gave it a listen. Then it was only right to give it a second, and third go ’round. The project is promising from front to finish, featuring a long list of some of the dopest emcees currently wielding a microphone. With psychedelic boom-bap production from Harry Fraud and Tommy Mas, Meyhem lays down a signature style of grimy NY rap, along with comrades: Action Bronson, Heems (Das Racist), Smoke DZA, Sean Price, Roc Marciano, as well as an appearance from odd ball Riff Raff.

For the most part, the tracks run on a strict course of complex, gritty lyrics, without the presence of formulaic choruses. Your attention doesn’t have a chance to waver. Even when Mayhem acknowledges the ladies on “Lets Hold Hands,” he doesn’t get distracted, nor does his demeanor change. He is still a gangster when the predictable move would be to get clammy palms and act soft like baby food. Instead he says, “Fuck them other bitches shorty your the one, real talk you should carry my son.” Respect.

This tape is way too good to get caught sleeping on. Featuring an army of rising emcees as well as some OG’s, Mayhem outlines his unique NY influenced style for listeners. If you’re still fiending for more Meyhem after listening to the project, check out his track on Alchemist’s Russian Roulette, titled “Crushed Kremlin.” Grab the album via Soundcloud below.

Mayhem Lauren "Respect That Fly Shit"

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