Melé’s Beats & Kano’s Raps Pack a Punch

The UK producer and grime MC are responsible for one of the illest collaborations of 2012. Don't sleep.

Mele Kano Beamer

Merseyside producer Melé’s new single “Beamer,” set to release on Grizzly Records, may be the greatest thing to be released ever…no exaggeration…maybe a little bit…but not really. I will go as far as to say that it is definitely one of the top ten hip-hop tracks to be released this year, whether you are aware of it or not. The song executes the elements of a club hop track nearly flawlessly. “Beamer” has a relatively simple and clean rave-like synth melody, made interesting thanks to a well used arpeggiator. When the octave drops, and the air is sucked out of the track like a vacuum—to make room for that first 808 kick—two things happen: 1) you thank god for sidechain compression and 2) you pray to that same god for shelter.

The release featured the thumping instrumental alongside a version of the song featuring fellow Englishman and vocalist Kano. “Beamer” is just grimey in the best sense of the word, especially with the MC Kano’s hella Bri-ish lyrics on top of those 808’s and sharp arps.

Do not sleep on this! Also, shouts out to Mario Balotelli.

“Beamer” [GRIZZLY 019], by Melé featuring Kano drops August 13th. Below is a stream of BBC Radio’s DJ Annie Mac playing it months ago.

Check the video here

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