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Melé’s Beats & Kano’s Raps Pack a Punch

Melé’s Beats & Kano’s Raps Pack a Punch


Mele Kano Beamer

Merseyside producer Melé’s new single “Beamer,” set to release on Grizzly Records, may be the greatest thing to be released ever…no exaggeration…maybe a little bit…but not really. I will go as far as to say that it is definitely one of the top ten hip-hop tracks to be released this year, whether you are aware of it or not. The song executes the elements of a club hop track nearly flawlessly. “Beamer” has a relatively simple and clean rave-like synth melody, made interesting thanks to a well used arpeggiator. When the octave drops, and the air is sucked out of the track like a vacuum—to make room for that first 808 kick—two things happen: 1) you thank god for sidechain compression and 2) you pray to that same god for shelter.

The release featured the thumping instrumental alongside a version of the song featuring fellow Englishman and vocalist Kano. “Beamer” is just grimey in the best sense of the word, especially with the MC Kano’s hella Bri-ish lyrics on top of those 808’s and sharp arps.

Do not sleep on this! Also, shouts out to Mario Balotelli.

“Beamer” [GRIZZLY 019], by Melé featuring Kano drops August 13th. Below is a stream of BBC Radio’s DJ Annie Mac playing it months ago.

Check the video here